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November 16, 2004


Chef Pot Roast

Guess I'll be making you dinner at your place instead of mine from now on. I must come over to watch Six Feet Under, Queer as Folk (blech!) and various and sundry other things, Must-See-TV perhaps!


Hmm, there's nothing like a little Brian Kinney (or Mel, heh heh) on the big screen. Lookin' forward to some major lounging (and mooching) in the near future baby ;)


That's it, I'm forsaking this empty California living and moving in with you. I'll have your goulash ready each night at 7:30, and I'll empty the kitty litter, and I'll pack up the air mattress all neat and pretty every morningg.... ooh ooh, can i?

Cruthless Wonder

Only if you will pet her pussy while your emptying the litter!

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