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March 21, 2005


Chef Pot Roast

I mean it was so rad that you had such a slammin' success of a par-tay! I'll need my ovenware back so that I can provide a new vat of bacon cheddar for you to miss out on!


Alright, so I felt it necessary to update your music library with some material of greater meaning. Big deal. FINE, the truth is I chose songs I love and wanted to hear but you did not have. I will take the blame. But, not for the Smooth Operator song. And maybe one other.

I had a plentiful but short trip to the vat of dip. But, I couldn't have been the only one.

Regarding "NICK," well let me just say, that a sweet gesture for my boyfriend turned into a lude display of how you all really feel about him. But, I still want all the pictures.

The hours of 230 to 430, Natalie, were the best! You missed them. But, if you need reminding. I think you were holding back someone's hair while double fisting a coors light and a vodka drink to keep up. While the rest of us were laughing, talking, singing, and sharing in the most delightful way.

Chef Pot Roast

Good times. I just wish we had all played Twister with "Nick." We did just about everything else. . . .

Chef Pot Roast

What's up with that? We look FAR TOO SOBER IN ALL OF THE PICTURES! My need to find the fountain of youth all of Sunday (not for the youth; I'm youthful, damn it!, but for the water itself) made me very afraid of what may have been captured for posterity! Whew!


2:30-4:30?!!! how 'bout where did the hours of 2:30-6am go!? I think they went somewhere down the neck of a bottle of Peach Smirnoff...good but oh so bad. We need more Steely Dan at the next party...always a good time. I don't know Nick well enough so hopefully he doesn't mind being groped by me. I WAS FORCED!

Chef Pot Roast

Don't worry, tworedsleeves. Nick's used to giving anonymous paper cuts!

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